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ORIGINS (of 58 front. J.-C. with 887) » Carolingians
French history in 100 tables
by Paul Lehugeur
ORIGINS (of 58 front. J.-C. with 887)
FEUDALITY (from 887 to 1483)
MONARCHY (of 1483 to 1789)
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Charlemagne, Master of the Occident and crowned Emperor by the pope Leon III, organizes his immense States, and manages them wisely, using the bishops and of large, on which it can impose his authority.
It respects the Germanic habits, but it imitates the government of the Romans: it is surrounded of large officers such as the chancellor, the seneshal, the constable; the counts, employees with the administration of the counties, become royal representatives of authority; royal inspectors called legates traverse the provinces to make reign everywhere peace and justice.
The Capitulary ones, together of the laws and the most various payments, put order in the so complicated reports/ratios of the men between them, in justice, the taxes, etc.
Finally Charlemagne decreases ignorance: it melts of the schools and protége the scientists, such as the scholar Alcuin and the Eginhard historian.
Louis Débonnaire, king d'…
Charlemagne visiting a school.
Crowning of Charlemagne.
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