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FEUDALITY (from 887 to 1483) » Ruin Feudality
French history in 100 tables
by Paul Lehugeur
ORIGINS (of 58 front. J.-C. with 887)
FEUDALITY (from 887 to 1483)
MONARCHY (of 1483 to 1789)
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Decided not to hold his promise, Louis XI divides his enemies skilfully, reconciles the ones by favours, and turns himself against the others.
He forces the duke of Brittany to treat; he takes again Normandy with his Charles brother, and he excites a sedition in Liege against Charles the Bold one, become duke of Burgundy with died of his Philippe father the Good But attacked by a second league, he makes the fault of going to Péronne at Charles the Bold one in the hope to allure it by words.
Imprisoned by its enemy and threatened of death, it covers its freedom only by signing the treaty with Péronne, by which it is acknowledged again overcome, and itself the Inhabitants of Liège humiliate themselves at the point to fight that it raised (1468).
Become forever defying and perfidious, it eludes the treaty of Péronne, and, been useful by the circumstances, especially by the death of his Charles brother, who coveted the royalty, it resists victoriously a third league (1472).
Charles the Bold one, who continues only the fight, fails in front of Beauvais and in front of Rouen, withdraws themselves in Flanders and negotiates.
The king of England, his ally, unloads in Calais, but Louis XI skilfully buys his retirement at money price (1475).
Louis XI with the…
Louis XI signs the…
Foundation about the Michaelmas.
Jeanne Hatchet.
English with the doors…
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