Fight against Calvinistes. - Administration. - Increase in the monarchical authority.
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MONARCHY (of 1483 to 1789) » Apogee of monarchical France
French history in 100 tables
by Paul Lehugeur
ORIGINS (of 58 front. J.-C. with 887)
FEUDALITY (from 887 to 1483)
MONARCHY (of 1483 to 1789)
Wars of Italy
Wars against the house of Austria
Wars of religion
Apogee of monarchical France
Decline of monarchy
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The French calvinists formed a State in the State, and were combined abroad.
Richelieu makes them an all-out war, besieges the Small rock, their capital, beats the English, who come to their help, and reduces the city after a memorable seat (1628).
The treaty of Alais (1629) leaves to the Protestants the freedom of conscience, but removes their political existence to them.
The unit of France is not threatened any more.
the activity of Richelieu is not very whole employee with the lowering of large, the Protestants and the aristocracy.
It brings back the economy in finances, second the development of the trade and of the public richness, starts to organize a navy of war, finally supports sciences by the creation of the Botanical garden (1626), and the letters by the foundation of the French Academy (1635).
The French communient before…
The Joseph Father.
Installation of the French…
The Botanical garden.
The Michaelmas Bridge under…
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