End of the Thirty year old war. Peace of Westphalia.
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MONARCHY (of 1483 to 1789) » Apogee of monarchical France
French history in 100 tables
by Paul Lehugeur
ORIGINS (of 58 front. J.-C. with 887)
FEUDALITY (from 887 to 1483)
MONARCHY (of 1483 to 1789)
Wars of Italy
Wars against the house of Austria
Wars of religion
Apogee of monarchical France
Decline of monarchy
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Anne of Austria, widow of Louis XIII, control surface as regent during the minority of Louis XIV.
The noble ones, that Richelieu overcame, try to take their revenge by cabals, but Anne of Austria misleads their hope: Mazarin, its Prime Minister, continues the work of Richelieu.
A the outside war the Thirty year old is completed: incomparable Generals consolidate the conquests of Louis XIII by bright victories.
Cop and Turenne beat everywhere the Spaniards and the Germans: in Rocroi (1643), in Freiburg (1644), Nordlingen (1645) and Lens (1648).
At the same time the Swedes, combined France, penetrate in the heart of Germany and threaten Vienna.
The Emperor is constrained to acknowledge himself overcome.
Peace of Westphalia.
The Peace of Westphalia, skilfully prepared by Mazarin, settles the questions which caused the war: the German Protestants, the calvinists like the Lutherans, obtain the freedom of conscience; Austria gives up dominating Germany, and yields to France Alsace minus Strasbourg (1648).
France touches the Rhine, its natural border.
Sweden becomes a great power.
European balance is not threatened any more.
The Peace of Westphalia is the crowning of the work of François 1st, Henri IV and Richelieu.
Spain alone is obstinated to continue the war, and France turns against it all its forces.
Victoire de Rocroi.
Cop in Freiburg.
Vincent saint of Paul.
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