Days of June 20 and August 10. - Valmy.
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THE REVOLUTION » Ruin Ancien Régime
French history in 100 tables
by Paul Lehugeur
ORIGINS (of 58 front. J.-C. with 887)
FEUDALITY (from 887 to 1483)
MONARCHY (of 1483 to 1789)
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October 1, 1791 in Louis XVI, June 1792, become constitutional king, seems to be resigned to the lowering of the royalty; it takes for Ministers for of Gironde, republicans moderated, such as Roland, and declares the war in Austria, according to the wishes of the nation (April 1792).
But it refuses to follow the assembly further, returns her ministers of Gironde and appears to get along with the foreigner.
The people of exasperated Paris invade the assembly and Tileries (on June 10, 1792), then, in a second access of anger, seize Tileries (on August 10, 1792), and imprison the king.
The assembly is overflowed, and the capacity passes to the commune, made up of the leaders of the people; one of them, Danton, is a Minister for unchained justice, and the rabble massacre of the thousands of royalists at the days of September.
At the same time France is seriously threatened by Prussia, Austria and Piedmont: the duke of Brunswick takes Verdun and crosses Argonne, but Dumouriez, after having disciplined the volunteers of its army, pushes back the Prussians with Valmy (September 92).
Day of June 20.
Enrôlements volunteers.
Mrs Roland.
Day of August 10.
Battle of Valmy.
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